Putting your Needs FIRST !

TEGIC LOGISTICS provides its customers with a qualified staff, over 60 people in the Transit and more than 100 people assigned to logistics, with a great professionalism to ensure quality of services.

We have brought together a community of experiences and expertise to build an amazing personal commitment of leaders in order to achieve the objectives of our clients.

A specialized team who support the managing and the tracking of your records under economic regimes customs with powerful software to give you a daily status of your accounts.

We are engaged in a dynamic innovation to reinvent and build the logistics of tomorrow. Our closeness to customers, our trained and motivated staff, our security process and quality as well as our rigorous management will always offer to TEGIC LOGISTICS a step ahead ...  

At TEGIC LOGISTICS, our team is driven by the same concern and, shares the same goal:

  • Ensure the powerful achievement of the missions entrusted by our customers
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of services
  • Immediate response to new customer’s needs
  • Supporting our partners in their development
  • Simplify customs transactions
  • An outstanding development by leveraging our skills and interests of the client
  • Provide greater value to our customers in order to earn their respect and loyalty
  • Assist the client in all sense of integrity